We want to be your fundraising place.

We have three fundraisers.

We have three types of fundraising.

Non Frozen Products

Please consider running multiple fundraisers at various times of the year or ongoing using:

Traditional Way of Fundraising

  • Butter Braid®pastry and Wooden Spoon®cookie dough.  Also, non-frozen products available 
  • Online store (My Fundraising Place) 
  • Local delivery to group location
  • Buyers do not pay shipping
  • Great profits
  • 30 days to complete


  • Shipped direct to you, in (US)
  • Delicious snacks customers love
  • Quick profits
  • Concession stand items that will be unique 
  • Big or small groups
  • Simple to sell
  • One week to complete

Direct Shipment to Home

  • Non-frozen products only.
  • Quality products delivered to customers home
  • National delivery
  • Plenty of products that customers love
  • Extremely simple solution for large and small groups
  • 2 weeks to complete

Let’s get this started!

For Butter Braid® pastry and Wooden Spoon® cookie dough fundraising click the button below.

Non Frozen Products

To use different methods of fundraising please contact us at 919-523-1605 or info@legacy-fundraising.com

Order Forms for Frozen Products