The pastries can be out of the freezer for a few hours.  

We will arrive in our own delivery vehicle on the date and time selected. Your order will be pre-packed. 

Most groups sell for two weeks, include two weekends. We will deliver your product roughly two weeks after your order is submitted. Your entire sale can be wrapped up within a month! 

With our system, My Fundraising Place, payment is taken care of for you.  However, you may have customers that prefer order forms.  Please take payment at the time of the sale.  Once the product comes in, you can hand them the product and need no further action(no debt collector conversations).  

We have several fundraising solutions.  There is a 250 minimum Butter Braid pastry order for the frozen pastry products to be delivered for free.  Orders under 250 pastries a $1.00 addition will be added to the invoice for every pastry under 250 pastries.  Pick-up is always free.  Our address is 3915 Beryl Road, Raleigh NC 27607.

We still have groups that take paper orders.  Checks should be made out to your group.