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About us...

Legacy Fundraising Partners is a fundraising company that believes in providing a valuable service to others. Our passion is in helping you and your group achieve success through working together to achieve your goals.  Our commitment to find high quality products that you and your customers will want over and over is a critical choice in our strategy.  We are intentional at our relationships with our suppliers and our customers, it all begins with a great relationship.

For those who are  with us, we thank you for the opportunity to serve you. For all – we truly hope that you have an unforgettable and irreplaceable experience with our products, our solutions and our people – Experience the Wow!

Our Company Mission:
We take great pride in standing for honorable causes and dedicated service to those in need of raising funds. It is then our mission to provide superior service, products and support in all ways possible to help you achieve your goals.


Founder of Legacy Fundraising Partners Timothy Bell began his entrepreneurial career in 2006.  Moving from Denver, Colorado to Cary, North Carolina Timothy started the journey of taking the concept of a fundraising company into reality.  A passion to help others drove Tim to keep his company of now 16 years focused on serving others.  When he is not working he can be found on a bike trail listening to anything techno or a hardcore 80’s playlist.